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IYW Publishing

Ink Your Words Publishing (IYW Publishing) is a debut publishing house based in Haflong, Assam, India, an initiative of Noel Lorenz House of Fiction.

Founded by Trishna Chakraborty, writer, and made with emotion and blessed with the wishes of the IYW Family, IYW Publishing is a popular publisher in India led by the best reviewer Trishna from the IYW Family.

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A Millennial Entrepreneur, Trishna Chakraborty Shares Her Growth and Development.

Noel Lorenz House of Fiction is a popular publishing house in India having presence across 6 (six) continents. NLHF has taken poetry to world cups, champions league and inter-continental cup against Africa.


Glad to declare Moncheri Romance is a Channel Partner of Ink Your Words Publishing  for Romance Anthologies.

Escape in to the world of Romance and read the authors from across the globe.

Project managed by Miss Trishna Chakraborty, Founder of Ink Your Words Publishing.

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NLHF initiatives:
IYW Publishing or IYW Publication or IYW Publishers is led by the Millenial Entrepreneur, Trishna Chakraborty, writer from Haflong, Assam. The initiative of IYW Publishing is to cater to the needs of the IYW Family or Writers. Now we have expanded to accommodate a wide variety of writers from across India. IYW Publishing is a Writing Helper for the IYW Family. We give daily writing prompts in our whatsapp group. We guide the writing styles of the writers. Reading and Writing gets better at IYW Family. IYW Publishing books are well edited, proofread and has great designs.
IYW Family has Creative Writing Classes. IYW Publishing helps learning Freelance Writing and the Ghost Writer.
IYW Publishing is planning a Free Online Creative Writing Course.
Goal of IYW Publishing is How To Write A Book.
If you are looking for Topics To Write About, IYW Family has every topic you may search for. We conduct writing workshops.
If you want to know How To Get A Book Published, Self-Publishing and Publishing Companies, you are at the right place.
We are Publishers. We Publish books every month, from Solo Book to Anthology books.

Moncheri Romance: Fall in Love!
Moncheri Romance Publisher is our channel partner for publishing Romance and Romantic books.
Moncheri Romance is a niche romance genre publisher from India. Tell age-old stories about falling in love and come into the fold of Moncheri Romance genre books. The way is through NLHF.


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