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India / Uzbekistan


" This book is mainly composed of short stories. I dedicate this book mainly to the children of the world. But I want all adults to read this book. Dear readers, I wish you an interesting reading as you read the book. In the book, I would like you to read separately the story of “Thieves of time” that you encounter. Because this story has helped me achieve a lot. Don’t waste your time, just read a book, search. Take advantage of your unlimited possibilities. "

- Abdulloh Abdumominov


I, Abdumominov Abdulloh, was born on November 29, 2008 in Tashkent. At the age of five I began to study oriental and  literature, read books. From a young age he was fond of literature. I started writing stories when I was ten, and my stories have been translated into many languages ​​and published in many countries, I participated in international competitions and won prizes. The purpose of writing a story is to instill in children a sense of time and culture. His works have been published in newspapers, magazines and websites of Uzbekistan. It has also been published in Russia, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan, Dagestan, Indonesia, Israel, Africa, Belgium, Romania, America, Argentina, China. Also published in Russian, English, Kazakh, Indonesian, Irvitic, Romanian, Spanish, Chinese. Coordinator for Uzbekistan of the African newspaper Kenya Times, Indian magazine Namaste India Magazine.
Abdulloh Abdumominov is 13 years old. Young wtiter
Place of study: 102nd school, 7th grade.
Place of residence: Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan.

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