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Yasumi Shizuku

sound of rain

tip top tip top
fell the drops
music to my ear
jump the frogs

holding the paper
biting the pen
yasumi writes
about the rain

the sound breaks
the silence in the room
a buzzing bee
enters the bloom

the rain stops
the sound fades
fingers numb
yasumi rests


Yasumi Shizuku
休み しずく

Two-wheeled cart and a runner


The two-wheeled cart I ride everyday
To the market and back
Is dear to me.
I enjoy the surroundings.

As the runner draws it,
On the left is the garden
Where children come to play.
Their vibe encourages me.

Crossing the gateless gate,
Feeling the peace of the land
Calms my nerves
From the stress at work.

On my way back I enjoy
The setting sun behind the clouds.
Yasumi cooks the food
For the family she calls her own.

Another day
is lost from our lives
In the deep mystery
of time.


Yasumi Shizuku
休み しずく

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