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Co-author Trishna Chakraborty is a writer from Dimahasao, Assam, India. She is an English Literature student. She took writing as her passion for the last 5 years. She loves to write down  the thoughts of her mind. She aims to become a lecturer one day.

Instagram: herthoughts0616

Trishna Chakraborty, Author

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Hey readers!! This is Nandita ... Raised in Odisha, India. Currently pursuing BAMS ... Apart from owing a prefix of doctor, she also wants to have a prefix of writer....

Since school days she used to write and friends used to praise. For her writing is not only a hobby but a best way of expressing her feelings. Now she is exploring her writings through various anthologies ... Hope U guys love it!!

Instagram: _nandita_2001

Nandita Rani Giri, Author


Priya Das is a teenager with an optimistic view of worldly life. She is born and brought up in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. She is a co-author of several other books and loves to provide shape to her thoughts.

Instagram: inexorable_voice

Priya Das,


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