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Haiku (vol. 1)

The most amazing thing that connects haiku with Zen meditation is that both of these are about the ‘present moment’. Haiku is not written in the past. Haiku does not cover a long period. It is about conceiving the essence of the moment like the painter captures in his portrait. It is all about the present moment. So being a Zen practitioner for several years has made me appreciate the power of the present moment in a haiku. I do not consider myself a great haiku poet. This is just an initiative I have taken to live more in the present moment

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A     Sedoka

Japanese Poetry Series

"Tell me, O darling
where else shall I look for love,
if not look at you.

When the time is right,

and the proportion is tight,

love appears on the window."

~Noel Lorenz

Sunset Over Manhattan


Judy Ferrell (USA)


Platform: Goodreads

Noel Lorenz takes us on an international ride in Neysa: Chronicles. This is a spy thriller with flare. I really enjoyed it.I can't wait to see what's next!

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Naomi Raven (USA),

BOOK: 7 Short Stories


These short stories are a little bit of everything. They are very good easy reads. They are a diverse representation of the classic short story collection. They contain everything from crime to a couple of love stories.

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Krippashini T., (Tamil Nadu, India)

BOOK: Manifestations of Love


Like best: I was satisfied with all the corners of the book. Editing was perfect which deserves the name “Editing”!

Would recommend Noel Lorenz as an Editor: Yes

New Exciting Titles Coming This FALL 2020

Autumn Road

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Spread Love and Joy
to all you meet...
~ Noel Lorenz

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