Noel Lorenz

Usui Reiki Master, Distance Reiki Healing Specialist

Mindfulness & Happiness Life Coach

Crystals, Colour and Art Energy Healer

Peace & Mental Health Ambassador

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Kolkata, India

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A Bit About Me

I have been meditating since 2013. Finding a particular meditation was not an easy task for a person looking to gain control over his emotions. Zen meditation was the path I found to be the easiest for me to get deeper into practice. Then I learned about the present moment awareness from zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Once into it, I started living mindfully. It was then that I reaped the fruits of Mindfulness. Mindful living is not just doing meditation for a specific time everyday. Mindful living is living every moment as it comes and being grateful to the universe for the things I have. To observe the surrounding and to appreciate the beauty of nature has helped me cope with my never stopping internal chatter.

I have been working with energy since 2009 when I was introduced to Wicca. As time passed, I kept on studying and learning every divination I got my hands on. After all these years I found my calling — Mindful Living and Energy Healing. I want to help You find peace and happiness by living mindfully. No matter where you are, what you do, You have the Right to be Happy.

Unless you are Happy, you cannot give Happiness to Others.

First, take care of yourself, then you can make millions happy.

Find Zen. Find Happiness.

I am a Certified Ultimate Natural Healer

I am a Member of IAOTH (International Association of Therapists)

Mindfulness Timeline



Modern Applied Psychology

Certified CBT Practitioner, MBSR, MBCT

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Stress Reduction

Certified Meditation Guide, Psychic Tarot Reader

Attunement as Usui Reiki Master, Ultimate Natural Healer

Certified Energy Healer with Crystals, Colour and Art

Initiation into the Nusta Karpay and Munay Ki

Reiki Distance Healing Specialist, Space Clearing and Fengshui

Life Coach: Live Mindfully and Find Happiness


Introduction to Zen and Mindful Living

Hyper thinking

Tai Chi 24 Forms


Beginning of Self-inquiry following the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Papaji and Mooji



Introduction to Wicca and Nature Living


Introduction to Reiki, Numerology, Clairvoyance, Runes, Candle Magick, Astronomy and Astrology, Tarot Reading, Psychic Reading, Crystal Healing, Feng Shui Bagua, Chakra meditation, Auras, Aromatherapy

Greek and Egyptian Mythology, Norse Mythology, Incan Mythology,

Celtic Mythology, History of India and Hinduism

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