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Nithese Krishna

Debut Novel:

- An Angel's Story

Now Available


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About the Author

From Vellakoil, a town in Tirupur District,

Tamil Nadu


Nithese Krishna V.M., is a 21 year old, young writer from Vellakoil, a town in Tirupur District, Tamil Nadu. He is a (Honors) Degree holder graduated in CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Bangalore.


In his own words:

"I started exploring books at the age of 17.


Think and Grow Rich was the book that made me follow my passion. I started a Youtube Channel (Pesum Nool) to share my book reading experiences with the audience.


I decided to write a novel after attending a writing class in my college. I began writing my first novel and I couldn’t complete it till now. I challenged myself that I would complete a novel one day.

And the result is in your hands!"

New Arrival

Featured in our latest collection

An Angel's Story

Book Description:

Raj returned to India after 6 years. He had never seen his daughter in real life. Her name was Rani. She was Six years old. Her birthday was on November 11. Raj arranged a birthday party. 

But on that day…

Rani was kidnapped by some strangers.

 ‘Where is Rani? Is she alive? What would have happened to her?’


                Do you KNOW!?

Rani can’t speak. Because she is Dumb.

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Image by Jonas from Berlin
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Nithese Krishna
Nithese Krishna
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