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Kareena Verma shares her experience with NLHF after her first Compilation - Pulwama Heroes


Hi, I'm Kareena Verma from Delhi. I'm very thankful for sharing my golden period with NLHF (Noel Lorenz House of Fiction, Publishers). I started my professional writing journey as a Co-author of many nationally and internationally published Anthology books. Those are the best moments in my life that I improved myself a lot with a professional perspective. I learned a lot as a Co-author, Complier & up skilled my abilities and my patience. I encouraged myself throughout the journey to become the best learner and just because of NLHF I got the opportunity to publish my first ever Compilation — "PULWAMA SURGICAL STRIKE HEROES ANTHOLOGY."

And I just want to wish them well. Even I'm very glad to say this, I'm really blessed to be with the NLHF TEAM and Noel Lorenz sir specifically! And I'm always ready to work with them as a Co-author, Complier, and as an Author too in the coming days.

In the end, Thank You Again for Everything.

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