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Bhaiiiiii @divyak_pratap

An open letter to open my heart to my dear brother, who stood beside me in all my struggles of life. You helped me a lot, my dear brother and whenever I felt demotivated in life you were there with your helping hand, like the god's hand from the sky, you lent your hand for me. In this world where boy friends and girl friends are overrated and such relationships are made compulsory, I needed none, for I had you my brother as a supporting pillar always with me. A thousand thanks will not suffice and no words can carry my love and feelings to you my brother because mine love towards you is very complicated which can't be understood by any words. Only you can understand all my love towards you and you feel it all when I call you, 'brother!'. We met through instagram and slowly time made a bond between us and our hearts made a beautiful heaven around us to live as brother and sister always. These words may fail to convey my thanks my brother as you already know the depth of my gratitude and love that's deeper than the Nile. Thankyou my brother.


IG- nuro_rais14

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