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Crazy NLHFian

Meet the Winner of the First Crazy NLHFian Quiz Contest.

Question: The Youngest NLHF writer is from which Indian State?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

The Award Goes to

Dr. Sudhanya Nath (Odisha)

for accurately answering the Crazy NLHFian Quiz

on 21 October 2021.


Dr. Sudhanya Nath is a veterinarian (Animal Nutritionist) from Odisha, India. She is currently pursuing her PhD degree from WBUAFS, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She was conferred InSc Young Achiever Award 2020, Vajra World Records 2020, International Research Awards 2020 on New Science Inventions, Inspiring Lady Veterinarian Award 2021, etc. She has contributed in more than 100 anthologies. She is Founder of World of Logophiles (WOL), English Judge and Challenge Head of Peaceful Writers International (PWI), Proof Reader of Words of Heart and Community Head of Author Revolution (AR). On 4th October 2020, she was recognized by Times of India and local newspaper Dharitri of Odisha for making the best use of lockdown by achieving 325 e-certificates through various webinars, quiz and competitions.

What do you do in your leisure time?

Writing, Painting, Singing.

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