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By Jane Doe (name witheld on request)

First of all I would like to greet her by which she's well known & deserve to be greeted like that- HAPPIEST MORNING, HAPPIEST AFTERNOON, HAPPIEST EVENING & HAPPIEST NIGHT TRISHNAAAA. I'm thankful to her for being so happiest person in the world full of sadness in spite of staying in comforts & luxurious life. She's the one who always smiles with beauty on her face every time. The one who don't care about the negative vibes of the so called society. She & her foodie mood is a perfect combination of healthy relationship with purity & positivity.

She never fails to motivate everyone by her lovely wishes on every occasion & every time in a day whenever she suggests some factual & logical along with spiritual positive vibes in the form of quotes. Her name is the significance of her pure & mature soul. She's actually a person with truthness & hardwork by impressive techniques.

She's such a human one should ever meet & spend time with her to understand & learn the beauty of life & living. If a person needs to improve his/her level of happiness then Trishna is the best name I would recommend. She enjoys every moment of life from core & loves to breathe with ease. Her hobbies are too different from others like her. She enjoys not only consuming delicious food but also sharing with others no matter it's physically or virtually & according to me it's the real way of having satisfaction.

Her heart is of gold & it's the power she sparkles every house wherever she steps in. Therefore I wish to build my own home soon so that I could invite her to spend months with me & learn to live with happieness in spite of being dipped in difficulties. It's hard to snatch her smile from her face by any individual because it's the natural beauty she's owing & deserves to increase every day with more enthusiastic girl.

I would cross my fingers to always see her like this & thanks for coming to me like a living smiley of my phone who's always there to remind me like a phone reminder of positive quotes with the alarm of Morning, Noon, Eve & Night...

© Copyright Belongs to the Author

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