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Dear Kiddo... poetry

By Anonymous

(Name witheld on request)

Dear kiddo♥️

This is a letter of secret hope that one day we will walk hand in hand. Unloved and broken things that filled the space between us will diminish in time and we will fill it with love and trust. You will be mine.

There are butterflies in my stomach as if I'm falling in love with you all over again when I see you smile. Everytime you are away and I think that I miss you a lot your smile calms me. I can't detach myself from you nor do I want you to hold me in your arms always because you are a part of me even if you are miles away, even if we don't talk anymore.

Ek din aap humko yuhi mil jaayenge Phool hi phool raho mein Yuhi khil jayenge Meine socha na tha.

This is a hidden confession that I will love you no matter what. You came into my life as a breeze and stormed me. I never knew we will come such a long way together where I won't have to explain myself and you won't need to clarify. We will understand each other's silence.

Future holds surprises and maybe instances we are not prepared for but I know we will deal with it as well. You are my constant source of strength and I will never let you down. Circle after circle in love, we will move forward, alone, even if not together because togetherness doesn't mean sticking to each other. It is a feeling that you are a part of me.

Your baby girl

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