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Linford Ayub

Author Biography

Linford Ayub loves playing with words. To him, they are like a number game and when he adds, subtracts or simultaneously works on them, they can result in a sophisticated composition. He has been doing this activity since last year and has bagged numerous certificates of recognition, etcetera.


In the middle of the night,

I dream of brighter days ahead

when a million of my words

will transform I, a nillionaire, to a billionaire.

I dream of brighter days

when I'll grab the mic on a dias

and the cinematic floodlight focuses on me

as I spit to a crowd that loves the ink on my blank pages.

I dream of brighter days

when my words will have an actual impact

on whoever comes across them

cause they are more of verbs than nouns.

I dream of brighter days

when kings will hear me speak

of how they've served their servants

and the wise ones will do it better after.

I dream of brighter days

when man shall not be ruled by ignorance

but by instincts that push him to be a better man

cause overcoming darkness is our purpose.


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