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Fearless in Battles by Sonia-Rose Lyle

We all go through battles.

Some sound like gunshots or snake rattles.

Most battles happen in our minds.

Sometimes, retreat during the battles can be hard to find.

Thankfully, we do not need to feel alone during the fight.

The Son of God died and conquered death after the second night.

His presence strengthens us in every fight we face.

His resurrected body is physical proof that we have victory by His grace.

When we call on the Spirit of God, He will empower us to fight fearlessly.

He gives us His armor to fight and cast down vain imaginations victoriously.

Through Him, we are covered in the blood of Jesus and protected as we fight against principalities.

Because of God, we will push back our adversaries.

We do not fear because God will help us fight in His power every day.

In His presence, we will always be fearless in stressful battles above each fray.

- Sonia-Rose Lyle


While Sonia-Rose was completing her undergraduate studies at the University of Valley Forge, she shared spoken word poetry at youth events with a student-led ministry called: The Art Of. After she graduated in 2018, she published more poetry content on Instagram and Writco (global community mobile app for poets and writers). Sonia-Rose lives in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, where she lives in an intentional community and serves on the production team at VIVE Church Chicago.

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