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In the beginning there was a people

And these people saw that they could not be

On their own

So they came up with a state

And sent some of them to constitute it

They called those people ‘politicians’

So the state grew faster,

It became larger and stronger and greedier!

It began to push the people aside;

Then began to step on them

With their dangerously monstrous feet

To slay their voices

The state also learnt to success –

The art of covering the people’s eyes

After some time, the state looked –

At the pockets of the politicians and realised –

That they needed salary and allowance increments

For working tirelessly doing nothing

So it decided to make their pockets overflow

The state then saw this and it was pleased

But the politicians were not happy for some time again

Their huge salaries and allowances

Had become insufficient

For their pockets had become deeper

And their stomachs shockingly bigger

The state saw this and was not happy,

So it allowed them to loot from the people

And escape safely without being punished

So they looted in every single opportunity given

And they were all happy again!

The people became utterly devastated;

There were no jobs for most,

And the ones the state had given jobs,

It had seen it wise to pay them peanuts

To save more for the politicians to loot

The state saw this happening and it was pleased

So the economy climbed to the sky,

The poverty levels amongst the people elevated

Most people could not afford to pay their bills; fees, rent, food…

Some became robbers and conmen and drunkards!

The state saw this and it was happy

See, it decided to add more political posts!

The Untamed Ink


A valued member of BAM CARES ARTMORE Group by Bettie Atemo, Kenya.

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