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Inktober Prompt 01 – The Ring

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

She was happy when she got the ring, which her husband had ordered for her. It was 4 p.m. Two hours later, the door bell rang. When she opened the door, Sunil was dumbstruck staring at the beautiful angel standing in front of him. “You are gorgeous and beautiful,” he exclaimed as he pushed the door behind him. He brought his left hand from behind his back. Nikita, who was already blushing broke into a smile as she saw him holding a beautiful red rose. He offered her the rose and whispered, “Happy birthday my dear!” She accepted the flower and said, “This flower is so beautiful, it was enough to make me happy. You didn’t need to order such a beautiful ring.” His reply made her cry and fall in love with him again. All he could manage to say in front of his queen by going down on one knee — “Sweetheart, when you were my girlfriend, I used to buy gifts for you. Now that you’re my wife, all the things I do are our investments for a beautiful future.”

~ Noel Lorenz

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