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Memories are beautiful on its own way

Memories are beautiful on its own way!!!!

Fun time was here!! The most awaited time!! SUMMER HOLIDAY!

I was in grade 10th. My parents planned for a family outing. This time we kid wanted to do something different so, we insisted that our parents take us hiking. Among the hillocks that surround ODISHA. We choose the one near ‘BUGUDA’ – A town in the Ghumusara area of Ganjam district in the state of Odisha, India, called” Budhakhol “is a heritage site of Odisha located in Buguda block of Ganjam District. The old heritage is known for its beautiful trees, caves, temples and perennial waterfall which attracts tourists. The name of the place Budhakhol is derived from Badhesvara, which means Buddha in meditating position. It is strongly believed that Buddha visited the place. It is a small hillock, covered with sand and gravel and stones also. We started climbing the hill around 8.35 am and reached at 11. 00am.The landscape was dry and uneven. I was very happy to see the land from such a great height. WoW!! Beautiful scenery! We saw the cave and sat there and did meditation. Felt the serenity of the place. After sometime, we came down. The rocks and stones were very steep. Suddenly, I slipped off from the hillock and came down with a great force. Oh my god! Can’t explain the terrible feeling. I screamed and shouted a lot and by god’s grace I stuck myself there near wooden blocks. My face became fully red. My heart came into my mouth. For a moment I thought I was no more! Full body got bruises. I was in tremendous pain, crying loudly. But there was happiness that I was alive. Even though it was not a good trip but a memorable one on its own way.


Pramila Kumari Behera


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