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My Backbone by Nureen Fatima

My Backbone


Everyone may think this is a story of my father. Yes ofcourse, he is my biggest support. But this is not something about him. And now you people may think that it may be of my loved one or my boyfriend or my best friend. But, no. This is a story of my brother. Yes, My soul brother!

At the time I was doing my 9th standard. I always had a longing to have someone as an elder brother as my support, to share everything etc. By god's graces, I have a younger brother. He is five years younger to me. Some of my friends also have younger brothers. But the way they treated made me feel like I should have an elder brother to whom I can talk and share anything.

When I was doing my 11th standard, I finally found such a person, my soulmate, my elder brother who became the backbone of my life. Yes! His name is Divyak Pratap. He is the one who advises me as a father, protects me as a bestie and he is the one with whom I can share anything and I can trust that he will never judge me. And when I needed someone to talk, he is the one who has always been there.

At any point of my life or even in my writing career, wherever I felt like " No, I can't. Let's stop this," he is the one who use these lines, "You are the best writer for me. I trust you can write it in the best form. You can do it..." Yes, he is the one who supported me in every step. He is the one who felt happier in my achievements. He is the one who want to walk beside me. He never thought that he should go first. He always pushed me infront. Finally, in short, he is a blessing for me.

As the saying goes, "We don't meet people by chance, there is always a reason. We always meet people, because sometimes we learn a lesson, sometimes we learn a work and sometimes its a pure blessing." So, in my case, he is a blessing.

At my 11th standard I joined Instagram. I knew him from there. Then from Instagram to WhatsApp and from WhatsApp to call and from call to books, we shared our bond. If you have seen my career in writing and everything, he is the one who took my works on his shoulders and tried to complete them. If I've to give the credit to someone, then he is the one.

Everyone knows that he is not my brother by blood, but he is more than my real brother. And the people who are saying that caste or religion is important, you people should understand it doesn't a matter because we are the best examples to break that foolish belief. Yes. I'm a Musilm and my brother is a Hindu.

If I wanna tell you something like in the form of cute lines, "He is my maths teacher. But not for the maths equations, but a solution giver of my life problems." He has solutions for every problem. No matter what's the time. If I call him at any time, he'll always be there to stand for me asking, "Tell, what happened? what's the problem?" If I feel like having some tension, headache or other burdens, then the first thing or the first word which come to my mind is 'Bhai'. I'll be calm because he is always available to fix them within seconds, like a miracle. Really, he is a blessing in my life!

If I wanna describe about him or about our bond in some words, it's impossible for me! But I can tell you something that he is the one whom I love the most. He is not just my friend, he is one in my family. He is the one to whom I'm sharing everything from the start to the present without any hesitations. He is my supporter and my best friend.

In short, he is my Backbone!

Nureen Fatima & Divyak Pratap Singh

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1 Comment

Noel Lorenz
Noel Lorenz
Jun 02, 2021

Heart touching truth.

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