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Updated: Jan 23, 2020

What they show us about our day

by Noel Lorenz

As I drive home I find the reflections from the road quite intriguing. It is like they are talking to me.

I see the trees are standing tall along the way I drive. I can see their reflections on the wet road.

It must have rained here while I was at work. Far ahead of me I can see a white light as if the road has gone up to the sky. But my mind is still fixed on the matter that I cannot put aside. My brain is trying to find a solution to it but I think I have to sleep on it. I will lay the matter on the table so you can ask yourself to find out what your brain thinks about it.

“What is my reflection today? Am I standing tall today?” -Reflections ask me

The yellow line on the road guides me to home. But I’ve never thought of this question before.

My opinion says my reflection will only be straight if I stand straight in my daily life and karma.

More than what I do and what I say, important is what I think. When I think positive I will obviously do positive. I am sure my reflection is straight. I have to make weekly assessments and see how I perform.

You can reflect on this and see how you find your reflection. And let me know what your brain thinks.

Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get. ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Quote Found on internet
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