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Life is a book of uncountable experiences,

Some bitter, some sweet-

But every experience is special,

Every experience is a life lesson.

As I recount my life at a glance,

It's difficult to speak on a single incident.

With so many ups and downs in life,

It was never less than a roller coaster ride.

But, the next thought that came to my mind-

Why should I recall the bitter experiences of life?

What's bygone is bygone forever,

Let me share a moment that make me yet smile.

I had been the only child of my parents,

Always missed having my siblings.

I had my cousins who were my elders,

And now I wanted someone younger.

The wait seemed to be never-ending,

And I continued being the youngest in my family.

But, I never left the hope,

I kept praying for a baby sister to the Lord.

My prayer melted His heart,

And I got the good news.

My dearest Aunt was expecting her first child,

And this news made my heart smile.

I started counting the days,

Nine long months and happiness was on the way.

Finally, it was 15 August 1999,

A new life was to rise and shine.

My prayers took the shape of reality,

My baby sister had taken her birth.

My happiness knew no bounds,

My dream had taken the shape of physicality.

That was the happiest moment of my life,

When I saw her for the first time.

Till today when I recall the moment,

It leads my heart to a joyful dance.

Priyanka Bhattacharjee


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