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What is Reiki

Reiki pronounced (Ray-Key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy. At the atomic level, we are all enery. Energy can neither by created nor destroyed. It only changes form. Reiki was first developed by Mikao Usui and it was handed down from the Master to the student.

We are Energy Healing Practitioners. In our daily lives, we encounter both positive and negative energies. Our human energy centers called Chakras need to be cleared from time to time. Reiki healing means to remove that negative energy and fill it with positive loving energy.

This same system applies to our homes, workplace, gardens, roof, etc. To clean these places with Reiki is call Reiki Space Clearing. It can also be done along with Fengshui to get additional benefits.

Using Reiki and finding the Purpose of Spaces gives you a positive view of your surroundings.

© Noel Lorenz (Abhisek Ghosh), Usui Reiki Master and Mindfulness Life Coach

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