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Lessons from Life: Why the complications?

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

People are never complicated as everyone is right from their viewpoint.

Need to keep learning in the social structure to keep evolving.

Must stand in the other guy's shoe to observe if my standpoint is hurting the other.

Introspection will give us the time to know ourselves more.

Then Acculturation and Multi-culturation will help us know other people better.

Situations become complex because of either of two basic points: Expectation or Greed.

We have to learn to be happy with what we have.

And be grateful for what we already have as there are many who don't even have a tenth of what we have.

Keeping small goals and celebrating the successes is very important in confidence building.

Confidence must be nurtured keeping the present moment in focus. Not the past. Future does not depend on the past. It depends on the future itself.

Yes love gets complicated because of greediness and obsession. Need to nurture the understanding and learn to coexist is so important.

Need to work on the unconscious mind to address any issues at the conscious level.

10million data is processed by the unconscious mind at a time. (powerful engine)

Whereas only 40 data points are processed by the conscious mind at a time. (less storage)

As my master say it,

"There's your way;

There's my way;

There's no right way."

If you are coming from a place of love, nothing can go wrong.

Noel Lorenz

Founder of NLHF

Usui Reiki Master

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