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Zen Koan - Story of the Parrot and the Tiger

The hungry tiger moved around the dense forest and looked for food. It found nothing but a stream. It drank as much water to fill its stomach, but the hunger loitered around his belly like a rat running from one corner to the other. The tiger decided to eat whatever was available, but the greenery was not on the menu! It kept walking tirelessly for food. At one time in the afternoon, it observed movement. At a slow pace, the tiger approached and crouched behind a tree. It saw a monkey. "A monkey! Come on! It has gotta be better! Okay!" It waited for the monkey to come down the tree where it was looking for fruits. A sudden chirping distracted the tiger. It looked up and found a parrot from a branch above, laughing at it. "Shh…don't you see, I am getting ready for the hunt!" "Don't go, you fool," the parrot replied. "Shut up!" The tiger got back to keep an eye on the monkey. After a while, it jumped down from the tree and looked for something in the bushes. The tiger. with soft paws, made a long jump on its shoulder. The next moment the tiger found itself in the mud. The monkey was laughing out loud from a branch above. It got angry and retired under the tree, where it hid for a long time. "I told you," the parrot chirped. "Will you stop, foolish bird." "You fool, you were so busy focussing on your target that you forgot to scan the surrounding. On the branch of the tree behind it, another monkey was enjoying fruits and kept an eye on you. The moment you made a move, it alerted its friend." The tiger learned its lesson.

End thoughts:

As a Reiki or Zen or Mindfulness Practitioner, you have to first take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

It is recommended to scan yourself daily. Anytime when it is easy for you, get some Me-time and look within, connect with the universal life force energy and know yourself.

As my master say it, "There's your way; There's my way; There's no right way." If you are coming from a place of love, nothing can go wrong.

© Noel Lorenz

Founder of NLHF

Usui Reiki Master Happiness & Mindfulness Life Coach

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