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4 Liners Competition

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Lonely one

Those days when your love flowed in my veins,

Like a small boat sending waves in the ocean,

You heard my monsters and took away my pain,

But now, left alone with scars that don't fade away.

@BAM Cares☺️

Darlin Ruud


Roses are red,

Violets are blue

My life is now worth living,

Just 'coz you chose me.



Care For Self

Glow like radiance,

Illuminate your inner dark,

Scatter your fragrance,

Let everyone enjoy your presence,

Look not around to be happy.

Self love,

Self respect,

Self determination,

Self acceptance and appreciation,

You are the light you are searching for.

Don't be too available to everyone,

Some don't deserve even your smile,

Walk ahead and high up your head,

Never regret those who stayed back,

They didn't believe in what you believed in.

Treat yourself like a royal gem,

Let your step make them jealous,

Heal your brokenness,

You are your own peace,

Keep calm and make yourself feel adored by you.

© Wanda's Ink Pen

®Wanda The Poet ✍️

Name: Kennedy Ochieng

Country Kenya


Be still

Look into my moisturized eyes with sacred tears

Drips of unabated affection flow inside

Though heavy and imbalanced this voyage seems

Mine is a sensational bulb to Light up and pave way till the end.

©️3rdplanet Poetry


She Beared again

Seeing my happy bouncing born baby girl,

So beautiful as her manufacturer,

Your love gives me more than trillion reasons to be successful,

Without you in my life, my breath scatter.

Humble T.

#Titus Lubanga#


I dream of a home that roam to Rome

Enticed with spicy Indian cusine

But deep down a beauty of my cousin

Holding hands heartly in humour land

As they reminisce about their realistic wonder land.

Artmore 😊, 2021.

Bettie Atemo

I dedicated Fridays to family and you can't imagine how the piloting went through. I'm really happy. Thank you Shukurani's family for your cover photo and the sweetest thing is that my words blessed many.

BAM CARES ARTMORE African Family by Bettie Atemo

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