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As if peeping out from it's golden veil,

A diary beneath the heap of autumn leaves, to reveal,

Lied silently waiting for the tranquil winds to blow,

To catch the sight of passing eyes, under the Sun's glow.

I felt as if it had held my feet, I couldn't move further,

Leaving me with no choice but to stop and bother,

I lifted and carried it along, every step elevated my zest,

To unroll the bunch of secrets buried within it's chest.

The moment to unleash the truth had arrived,

To speak about the harshness of life that someone survived,

To enjoy the flavour of those pages with a cup of coffee was my goal,

But I damped them, reading the plight of the withered soul.

The words tried to liberate from the cage of sorrows,

The lines that had shaken off my soul to the core are as follows,

"I want to kiss your forehead, O son, please come soon,"

"The way I used to do, while reciting rhymes of the sun and the moon."

"I want to embrace you tight, rest my head on your chest,"

"My life sheds a bit each day, I wish to spend with you, the rest,"

"The lullabies that you liked to listen while lying on my cradling laps,"

"I sing them every night to summon you, to fill these lonesome gaps."

"I have heard, my friends and others gossiping that I am ill,"

"I hallucinate your presence, each moment I try to kill,"

"So many calls I make to the number I scribbled on my wall,"

"I run to the lobby every time just to learn that it isn't your call."

"So many desires die within me each night that bloom every morn,"

"To behold you, touch your face, kiss your forehead, once again hear the word, 'Mom',"

"I know my son has a habit of being lazy and late,"

"But mamma would never be too tired to wait."

The next page was the last that bore some blur words scribbled,

As if the ink was about to get over, the last drops struggled,

“I feel may be you'd come after get silenced, may be then, my diary would speak aloud,”

“I'd be still waiting for you to touch my face for the last time to cover it with the shroud.”


Reshma Kausar Mohideen

Insta handle: sword_of_word_86

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