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Are you 'Depressed'?

Today most depression problems arise from no job-satisfaction. People are less happy when they don’t get paid as much as they work hard. In a country where populations is increasing every hour and competition is at i’s peak, it is natural that people will have to settle for less than what they truly deserve.

But is that a reason for giving up on your dreams?

Not at all. There are a hundred avenues to feel satisfied. You may not be satisfied with your job, but many people aren’t. Look at the successful people around, are all of them satisfied with their primary or only job? Not at all. If you can strike up a candid conversation with them, you will learn that not everyone has felt satisfied all the time in their lives. But they still manage to be successful. How do they do it?

Ask yourself before reading any further, “If I can’t do it, how can they?”

Your soul will come up with only one answer, maybe in some other form – “Because, you are not looking at other avenues.”

But before you do look at other avenues, you need to be able and fit enough to intercept them.

Mindfulness is the answer.

Breathe in and breathe out. Let all thoughts float away.Just don’t cling to them.Let the calmness settle in you.Feel better.Forgive your flaws, you’re just a human.Believe that you also deserve to be Happy.Resolve to keep yourself fitter and happier.Commit to a routine of meditation and workout, even if it is only fifteen minutes a day.Now you’re ready to look for the other avenues.

Know this

Not all avenues will make you money. Some will give you more satisfaction than money can ever bring. ~NOEL LORENZ
Remember, everything is mortal. Everything goes back to nothingness. Our lives are the lunchtime. Just enjoy & take it as it comes. It’s going to be difficult, no doubt. Ask yourself, “is it worth it?” “Will it be important six months from now?” Your soul will give you the answers. – NOEL LORENZ

Start your days positively and keep your mind open. Embrace every day as a new start. After a while, you will realize what are the things your soul crave for. Writing? Painting? Sport? Another job? Part-time job? Teaching? Coaching? Singing? Organizing? Reading? Work with the aged people (visiting them makes them happy).

Once you find it, do not waste time thinking about what you should do. Just start doing it – a little every day would be fine.

Commit yourself to it even if it is negligible.

Review every three months by recording it in a journal.

Your activityYour progressYour analysisYour feelings, andany other observation.

After a few months, you will see that you have started to feel good about yourself than before.

Note: You do not have to tell others about it at first. Bragging won’t do any help, it will only attract criticism.

Prove to yourself that you can do it by actually following your dream.

The writer of this blog is a published author and has been practicing zen meditation for more than six years. Book: Private Affair and Other Stories Follow this blog for more updates from him. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram Website:

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