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Evening dose of Positivity

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

How I started Meditation

It is very important for people to do Meditation on a regular basis. It keeps us calm all the time and research shows that those who practice meditation on a regular basis tend to make less rash/impulsive decision as compared to people who don’t.

I for one has been practicing Zen meditation since the later half of 2013. It was very much a life saver for me as I was going through a rough patch after a break-up. I had to get involved in some physical activities that could keep me busy in morning.

Introduction to Tai Chi

My quest for remaining busy in the morning did not stop there. I was constantly trying to find healthy ways of keeping myself busy. Then, I found Tai Chi.

Tai Chi can increase your flexibility and improve your balance. The activities are low-impact, so they are not going to put your joints at risk. Tai Chi is practiced worldwide for achieving balance in life. Both children and elder persons enjoy Tai Chi as it is very easy, interesting and full of life. Guidance from a practitioner is important. I have also heard it keeps blood pressure in control.

Once I started practicing Tai Chi after doing meditation in the morning, I felt that all these days I was missing out something great in my life. Thank god that I found about these two great life changing practices.

Bringing back Balance in Life

With time I found Balance in life. My mind was under my control. The thoughts that you don’t want to tend to come more often than not. But doing meditation helped me let those thoughts float away like a flowing river.

Evening dose of Positivity

One fine evening, I was sitting idle at home and needed to do something. Finding nothing worth doing I decided to go for a 10 min session of meditation. After the session, I felt great. From that day onward I decided to do meditation in the Evening whenever I am free. If not every day, at least twice or thrice a week.

Evening meditation brings positive vibes in life after a tiring day at work. It gives us fresh energy for the rest of the evening. Since then I have been practicing both Zen meditation and Tai Chi. It helps me face life more boldly and with confidence.

It’s My Life, My Ways. Keep Smiling.

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