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From 'None' to your 'One'

From 'None' to your 'One'

Reshma Di is mistress of word's fauna,

Pramila Di, You're my Yashoda, I'm your Kanha.

Suvi is the Goddess who brought me in this world of community,

Kirti is the pepper on my dishes with a cute pity.

Sanya is as sweet as honey, melodious and queen,

Angarika is savage with her scribbles very keen.

Oreo is the one without which milk is lonely,

Vaibhavi is my student, generous and tondly.

Trishna is my food, sweet reviews and momos supplier,

Srishti Rani Panda has hidden talkative desire.

Jaswalini, my saali, chatter box like Shivangi,

Zainab ! Your sewai is pending which is my deewaangi,

Srishty has a sweet voice, Deeksha, sticker-queen has a cute eyes,

Sudhanya is my soul-partner and I'm her disguise.

Navya, Apoorba, Esha, Srishti; there are so many to be praised!

You all brought me back from my emptiness to this colourful place!

( Thank You very much Ladies for being part of my life )

©Ryan Sean


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