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Look around you and see,

There's so much of hue and cry.

The world is flaming in the pyre,

You will witness woe in every eye.

With so much of distress in the vicinity,

Take a deep sigh and be grateful to the divinity.

How fortunate you are to live another day,

Whereas the lives of millions are snatched away.

Numerous mothers spend sleepless nights,

Watching their toddlers lying empty stomach.

Aren't you fortunate enough-

To never miss a meal on your plate.

Whereas several families lost their loved ones,

You are among those few ones-

Who still have their dear ones to live together with.

Won't you call yourself the lucky one?

When you have so much to celebrate-

What's that keeps you worried?

Express your gratitude to the Almighty,

Who blessed you with a day more.

Priyanka Bhattacharjee



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