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Her Lost Self

Priyanka Bhattacharjee from Assam

Priyanka Bhattacharjee




This is the tale of that unforgettable night,

The night she lost herself completely in his might.

Little did she know the night she thought so special,

Would be the ultimate reason of all her plight.

It was her special night when she surrendered herself altogether,

To the man whom she thought would be her life partner.

Amidst the glow of the candle light,

She found herself lost in his arms on that long awaited night.

Under the satin sheet laid on the bed,

They cuddled eachother as if one flesh.

His warm breath fell on her increasing her excitement,

She deliberately lost herself in this intimate moment.

That romantic night dawned finally,

But she couldn't find back her identity.

Her love was lost nowhere to be seen,

She madly looked for her in the folds of the satin sheet.

She lost her virginity to the man she wanted to live till eternity,

But, she was accused by the rigid thoughts of the society.

Was it her fault that she loved him madly?

Was it her fault that she submitted herself to the embodiment of treachery?

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