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How to let go of past regrets and people?

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

I often come across such posts on various self-help, Buddhist, Hindu and religious Facebook pages. People ask about how can they let go of things from the past-regrets, failures, embarrassments, people that hurt. So I thought to write an article for this reason because there are thousands of people whom I might be able to help to get over past stuffs.

First thing that one has to understand: Take it for granted that you cannot change what has already happened (Past stuff, People)

Now the question is: Do you want those bad feelings to linger and destroy your present and future? If not, mend your present by being happy, loving yourself, caring for yourself and family.

Next question that automatically arise: How to avoid bad people? (i) Avoid people that keep salting wounds. Avoid unhealthy associations and friends. (ii) Start to say ‘No’. The moment you start to say ‘No’ to people, you will feel relieved.

What else can you do? (i) Spend time with your loved ones, people who really care for you and not the ones who pretend to love you. [Remember, some people may have a bad or very bad relationship with their parents but it is your irrefutable responsibility to take good care of your parents]. (ii) Start a good habit (music, reading, writing, cooking, gardening, walking, chess, playing an instrument, drawing, painting,  handicrafts, etc. anything that suits you). (iii) Quit all bad and unhealthy habits, if any (smoking, drinking, etc.) (iv) Go for Self Inquiry just by asking, “Who am I?” Watch ‘Papaji’ [H.W.L. Poonja ji] videos on Youtube. Life is a flower, let it blossom. Good luck.

[For a list of Self-Inquiry books, reply to this post and I will provide you with the list.]

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