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How to stay fit without even attending gym

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

We all want to stay fit, don’t we? But going to gym is the hard part. Not any more. We can stay fit even without going to gym. Don’t believe me, read below. A few steps to keep you fit and healthy. You don’t have to carry that extra layer of fat around your waist. Your body can also look good which you can show off with various outfits.

Routine is the key

If you want to be successful in life the first this you have to implement in your lifestyle is Discipline. Discipline comes with routine. Routine is what makes you do one thing with focus on a daily basis until it becomes your second nature.

So having a routine is very important to accomplish anything in life. Make a routine and follow it no matter what 6 days a week. Take sunday (or any other day of your choice) off.

Know the Rules of the Game

Knowing what you are doing is the next most important job. If you don’t know How to Do it, then you are heading nowhere in that direction. You have to know how to prevent injuries when you are doing workouts or which shoes to wear for running.

Always wear the Gears before you start

Make a list of gears that you are going to need for the workouts and exercises you are about to do. And yes, always keep a spare towel. Remember, eyes are our window to the world. These are our most precious gifts. Always wear a protective eye-wear whatever you do.

Start Jogging

Always start with light jogging before you do any other workouts. It’s the best out there. It wakes every cell of your body. Jogging prepares the heart for the workouts to come. It gives your muscles strength and energy for the rest of the day. I know some people who only do jogging for workouts and live a healthy and fit life.


Add Yoga to your list. Yoga connect you to the nature. Yoga comes from India. International Yoga day is held on the 21st of June every year since it’s inception in 2015.There are yoga teachers worldwide. Find one yoga teacher or join authentic online yoga classes or do some simple yoga yourself.

Push-ups is the best

Push-ups is the best Energy and Strength builder exercise you can find. Show me one who has practiced Push-ups for a year and has not gained muscle and strength. You can’t find one.

Limit of doing exercise

Know this, there is a limit to everything. Do not overdo any thing or you’ll ruin it. Your body can take only a certain amount of workout pressure everyday. You cannot have muscles in one day or become slim in a week. No you can’t. You have to work with focus for atleast a year before you see any change and that is very healthy. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Healthy Nutrition

See a nutritionist and find a good nutritional diet for yourself. Along with workouts you will need proper nutrition to keep your body fit, healthy and active.

Love yourself. Life will change.

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