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Mera bhai by Nureen Fatima

main tera, main tera, main tera

main tera, main tera, main tera

main gahara tamas, too mera savera

main tera, ho main tera

musaaphir main bhataka, too mera basera

main tera, ho main tera

too juganoo chamakata, main jangal ghanera

Mera tera

My brother by emotion not by blood and now emotion has become thicker than blood. A relation that didn't start overnight but slowly we became one and alway we'll be one. Still I remember the day we first met and still I remember the feeling I felt. I thought that you have bad attitude and ego, less I knew that you had a hospitable heart where I can be comfortable always. You are my wall on which I can lean for this wall built by strong roots of emotions which neither storm nor earthquake can destroy. Leaning on the wall I share my pains and at any time you are there to listen to me and console me. My own soul fails to console my heart while you, my brother wins my soul. I was not a matured girl till my eleventh standard and then you lend me your hands in my writing carreer and in my life. Caste religion are always a problem say those fools and now we are living example to disapprove it. I have a lot of blood brothers who share just blood but you are not my blood brother yet you share more than blood. You've changed my life in a positive way and I shall be with you always. When you make mistakes in public I am always your sidekick but in private I'll be a boring lecturer lecturing you while you be hearing it all. You are multi-talented my brother and I know life will gift you with more surprises. I love you a lot brother and so yes I'm possessive. When someone else calls you bhaiya my heart gets scared of losing you for I want you with me always and I shall never ever share you with anyone. I dare not even dream of losing you for I'll be void without you. You know me and my life more than me and I shall not lose you my brother. We'll always stay together and let me always be your sidekick.

Your loving little sister

Nureen Fatima

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