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“Mirror “was my best friend in my childhood stage,

I used to kiss it and smile by thinking as my minion,

Was sharing a lot of emotions, when I was alone,

That was all about my fun filled “Mirror stage”.

“Mirror stage “entails a “libidinal dynamism”,

Which is due to young child’s identification with his own image,

I used to think the reflection in the mirror was not mine,

“Mirror stage” is somewhat self-alienating.

Whenever I was getting a complement for my beauty,

I used to smile and care myself a lot,

By standing Infront of the mirror,

In teenager, mirror was my bosom buddy.

Now I am in the stage of middle age,

I could see a lot of changes in me,

By thinking age is only a number,

I still do a lot of self-boasting.

Would not this be so wonderful,

To stop time and preserve our beauty in the mirror??

Mirror is still remaining as my confidant,

No matter what comes in my life’s line.


Pramila Kumari Behera

Scribbling _emotions_2021

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