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My First Love by J R Jenitha

It was a beautiful lawn. No one was around. I was alone and walking on the path of my mind. It was calm and chill midnight. The full moon was bright on the sky and the stars were twinkling beautifully. Fragrance of flowers spread on the cool breeze.

Suddenly I heard a sweet voice calling me, "My dear child..." Surprisingly, I looked around everywhere with my sudden consiousness, but no one was there. Again and again, I heard the same sweet voice, "My dear Child," but nobody was there. Suddenly, a bright shining light disturbed my eyes. Yes, it came from the sky. I watched the sky and many colourful stars came close and formed the shape of a beautiful girl. She looked like an Angel. I asked her, "Who are you?"

She started talking to me. She said, "My dear child! I'm your first love. I am always with you and within your soul. Whenever you feel sad, I console you with my great love and protect you. I think nowadays you are in a sad mood with my thoughts. So I come infront of you. My dear! I know you are my good child. You should be happy and help others with your great love. One day you will be a great achiever in your life. Don't get worry. My blessings are always with you. Love you my dear!"

It made me emotional and I was in tears hearing her words. The stars shattered and slowly went back to their old place glittering.

Suddenly, I woke up in my sleep. Yes, it was a dream! But drops of tears filled my eyes. My heart also was filled with some kind of emotion. Many questions came to my mind like who was she and why did she call me "My dear Child"? But she said that I'm in sadness. That's true. How could she understand my feelings? In my childhood days, only my mom understood me, but now she is no more...

Yes, Now I realised that she was none other than my mother! Her soul spoke to me in the shape of a beautiful girl. Often I think of my mom and worry about her. So her soul came in front of me and blessed me. Now, I miss her true love...

Yes, mom, You are my first love!

Love you, mom...I Miss you so much...!


JR Jenitha

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