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Duet Poem by Davis L.K and Anny Nasher

*_Duet poem_* *_Poet/Poetess: Nasha❣️ & Lasing🇰🇪_* _*Instagram - @lasingke*

*Topic: Loving you is all I want*


Baby I know you are up I know you don't want me I love you I like you I want you You complete me Please be mine


Be yours? No, I hate love I hate likes Love is a prison So don't need me I don't want jail, I need freedom


You never will be in prison, When I'm with you, I'm gonna love you well Not to lose you but keep you, Not to hurt you but heart you, I'll give you love no one has And make you a king Coz you deserve it You aint a prisoner


No! I don't believe in this, Life ain't a movie. Once there, same words indeed But blinded was I, See, once bitten twice shy.


I wont bite, I will love, I will make you smile always I am not them, I am me Please be with me And know the meaning of love


What's love? Won't get it still, I just need a place Where one never feels And pain don't exist So I'll keep asking God Whether heaven's real

*Nasha❣️ ft Lasing🇰🇪*

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