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Never Dying Souls

To all friends who I cherish and cherish me

Never Dying Souls

Can a heart pump in a lifeless body

Can lungs breath in a motionless being

An island is isolated but loved by water

Hugging her body in heat and cold

I celebrate the only friends who water my life

Finding few who light their candles for you

Illuminating your inner darkness

Embracing your wounded flesh and heart

Keeping by you and never leaving no matter what

You are my greatest inspiration

Friends who never judge but love like a family

Bonded by strong diamond bonds

Igniting your dreams and aspirations

Being the pacesetters in your marathon journey

I can't call you besties but gifted angels

Having people who join their wings and hold you

Fly you above the stars to the world

Show to the world the power of friendship

Flowers that never wither but full of life

Spreading their fragrance and scents

© Wanda's Ink Pen

®Wanda The Poet ✍️

Name: Amb Kennedy Ochieng

Country, Kenya

A valued member of BAM CARES ARTMORE Group by Bettie Atemo, Kenya.

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