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Screened life: The New Normal

Screened life: The new normal

Screened life has become "The new normal",

Mobile phones became a necessity for survival!

Children started attending online classes,

Lockdown came with many new surprises!

Meetings were conducted in virtual,

Trend started everywhere, urban or rural!

With time, seminars changed into webinars,

For digitalized world, everyone has to prepare!

Where offline classes became a dream,

Children were confused to choose their stream!

Online payments became the only option,

As the COVID didn't stop in any station!

24 hrs sitting with the mobile phone,

People forgot to take care of their own!

As we know, every coin has two sides,

Apart from merits, demerits too on the ride!

Many organisations started different courses,

YouTube, Google, apps, many became the sources!

Wasting time in several unnecessary things,

Reality and illusion, in between children swing!

Accepting and being digital is the only option,

Apt time management is the perfect solution!

Physical exercise combined with proper nutrition,

Can give us a relief from all this frustration!

Analysing our strength and weakness,

Focus should be on one's own business!

Infinite chatting sticking to the screen,

Nothing beneficial, only ourselves we ruin!

Utilising the new normal in excellent manner,

Controlling ourselves will determine our future!

By Jasmine Panda


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