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Tea Meditation Unique Techniques

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

How your Tea-time can be your Me-time

Once Thich Nhat Hanh asked some children , “What is the purpose of eating breakfast?” One boy replied, “The purpose of eating breakfast is to eat breakfast.” Thich Nhat Hanh concluded that the purpose of eating is to eat.

In the same manner, the purpose of drinking tea is to drink the tea. That said, you will say that yes while drinking tea I drink tea. But do you?

If you ponder upon what you were thinking or doing while drink tea this morning or last evening. Can you tell yourself that you were not thinking about something else or someone else, a past happening or a future task or how someone looked at you or insulted you or avoided you and so on. We often are not fully aware of the person sitting across the table and having tea with us.

Having Tea Together

Having tea is a ritual for us. A Me-ritual when we forget about the past and the future. We only just drink the tea and be present fully in that moment. We are aware that we are holding the cup of tea in our hand. Our palm getting warmer because of the tea. In winters how good it feels when our pal get warm. We feel as if life itself is flowing in us. We smell the tea and think about the farmers in the tea garden who utmost care to grow the tea. How much care they took while plucking only the good leaves carefully while standing on their feet. The pain their feet felt at that time. We feel compassion and bless them for their hard work is what goes into making such an amazing cup of tea tat we are joying.

Smile at the person across the table or sitting next to you and enjoying the same tea. Smile make or body forget the tiredness and infuse a goodness and calmness in our cells.

Having Tea Alone

Having tea alone is another good time to connect to oneself and with the universe. Do you know that the universe is always expanding. It’s moving towards greatness. Take a look at the picture above – a man is having a cup of tea alone. There is calmness on his face. The plant beside him is a great sight.

I pour a cup of Tea – a cup full of Life

Steps one can follow for Tea ritual [you can customize you own ritual]:

  1. I look at the cup, full of tea.

  2. I smile.

  3. I pick up the cup of tea mindfully.

  4. I smile.

  5. I am fully aware that I am holding a cup of tea in my hands.

  6. I feel the cup as it warms my palm.

  7. I bless it.

  8. I can see the color of the tea.

  9. I can feel the smell of the tea.

  10. I forget the past. I forget the future.

  11. I breathe in and I calm myself.

  12. I breathe out and I smile.

  13. I take a sip of tea.

  14. I enjoy.

  15. I breathe in and calm my self.

  16. I breathe out and I smile.

  17. I take a sip of tea.

  18. I enjoy.

  19. I am present at this moment.

  20. I am with me, the wonderful me.

  21. Present moment, Wonderful moment

and you can continue to have tea in this manner. You do not need to pronounce the above, just feel.

Life is living in the present moment.

Live mindfully. Live peacefully. Live Happily.

Blessed Be!

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