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Twinkling Stars

Theme: Twinkling Stars

There are some questions

That keeps on knocking in my mind

Whispering to the ear of my heart

Questioning the unquestionable

But how do I free from the chains of this illusion

My soul is trapped in a vacuum

Gasping for it's life to embrace the ambience

Swim in the sweet and warm rising air

Break from the york of bondage and slavery

And be able to understand the mystery of life

When I wake up each day to chase dreams

That sways their hips on me provocatively

Running away from my hands

I am not that romantic and patience ain't my part

But I still keep on the rhythm of its moving body

Why does far seem so near afar

Hanged up high beyond reach of lesser beings

Being swayed sideways like naive seduction

Only to be left hanging in crossroads

Nowhere to grasp the longings and hopes

© Wanda's Ink Pen

®Wanda The Poet ✍️

Name: Kennedy Ochieng

Country: Kenya

A member of the BAM CARES ARTMORE FAMILY founded by Betty Atemo, Kenya.

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