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Which is the most important type of love we are lacking these days?

Joyous Jaya Rauniyar, Nepal

As according to me as I have gone through different books & my personal experience, I can conclude that most of us are lacking or not caring about self-love & care.

We are so busy faking perfection & going through others' life that we no more care about our own. Self-love & care for oneself is the best way to be worthy & balance all other types of relations.

You need to work on yourself, on everything that is meant to express you. You shouldn't care more about whom you lose, as long as you don't lose yourself, you are growing. Each of them comes into our life till the certain time as it finishes, they leave. Do not make it a big issue, it happens & is natural. What matters is, you must keep growing and working on yourself.

First, start from your weak point and then slowly as required. Be a self-changer. Know your worth. All you need is patience & passion for that. Believe in positive, and positive will happen.

In a world where being kind is a weakness & caring for all, you will end up alone yourself. To those to whom you always give your valuable time, you seem always free & those who know your worth have no time to let you know. It's okay with it. But in whatever situation, don't lose yourself. Maybe someone has not told you that but believes that you have the ability to make your dreams come true. Finish yourself before you are forced to do so. In reality, it's really easy to live than to die.

Make yourself filter each day.

Now go & be that one your hero.

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