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Your lips were that soft chapathi pieces.

Your seductive lips unfolded my hard lips.

You were working under a lamp in the late night.

Caught the sight of your tempting lips and forced my heart to perform an act.

Approached to your desk of the workplace.

Lifted you in pain and progressed to the moonlight.

With a dark chocolate hanging in my pocket,

Unceased it's cover and spreaded the cream over your lips.

Overed you to my thighs and balanced your buttocks on them.

After Bringing up my hands from your armpits to your back,

Battered your buttocks for twice.

And immediately bited your chocolaty lips.

Licking the chocolate was an act of my inside romantic boy.

The battlefield of a battle between destiny and present,

Was something of a glorious and most awaited moment for the romantic personality inside me.

That bite unified us from the deep core of our romance.

The hungriness for that bite has been filled by your kiss.

Unfolding the angle of Romanticity in me,

Was a great deed sufficient for my life to end.

That tempting lips and a sea of thoughts made the battlefield to declare the present as the winner.

Moral: Enjoy the fruits of the Present

©️Kolli Sai Charan Reddy


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